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Our most regular flying site is above the Gunung Mas Tea Estate, Puncak, Bogor, West Java from a hill 1350m abover sea level.

This location is a popular tourist destination, especially at the weekends. With fresh air, and beautiful scenery, Gunung Mas makes a great day out.


Flying Site :: Riung Gunung, Puncak, West Java – Indonesia

Take off altitude : 1250 asl
Landing altitude : 1000 asl
Take off/target : 250 as l/ 1.2 km

puncak1Riung Gunung – Puncak can be considered as one of the most popular flying spot among Indonesian pilots. Aside from its beautiful scenery seen from below as well as from above the ground, its location is also relatively easy to reach from Jakarta. Take-off location starts from top of Bukit Paralayang at 1,250m asl (-6° 42′ 6.67″, +106° 59′ 3.84″) , while the landing zone is just 1.2km straight distance forward at elevation of 250m asl.
Riung Gunung – Puncak is flyable almost all year. During good season, thermal flying can bring the pilots fly high above the peaks around Gede Pangrango mountain range

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Puncak is located in the resort area of Bogor regency, West Java, and it is one of the most popular tourist destination in West Java. Being the icon of West Java’s natural resort area, Puncak is always busy with visitors, especially on weekends. Many locals as well as foreign visitors frequent Puncak for its natural beauties and breathtaking sceneries. Whether they just pass by on their way to the next big city –


Bandung – or to stop by to take pleasure in the cool surrounding weather of tea-plantation hills that are scattered around Puncak area, which sits in the elevation of 1,000m to 1,500m above sea level.
The cool Puncak area is located on the foot of Gede – Pangrango mountain range, which is within the surrounding of the famous Gede – Pangrango National Park, well known for its rich varieties of vegetation , and one of the verywell preserved sample of tropical rain forest.
Located about 30km from Bogor city, Puncak has a few of interesting spots which attract tourists. Telaga Warna and Gunung Mas tea plantation agro-tourism are among the few. It’s not complete if you visit Bogor regency without stopping by in Puncak.