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Tandem Flight

Tandem flying is  the ideal way to get a taste of paragliding. Flying with an experienced pilot will make you feel save and comfort. You will get the experience, thrill and excitement of paragliding without having to learn it yourself. You don’t have to learn how to launch or how to control the wing, because what you just need to sit back, enjoy the scenery or even take a few pictures.

In the right conditions, pilot will give the passenger a chance to handle and control the wing. Indeed, not all of passengers will be given this opportunity, adapted to passenger condition during flight.

In spite of Paragliding tandem does not include in one of pilot ratings, but this is a great start for you before deciding to learn Paragliding

Before you do tandem, you have to prepare yourself first. You only have to wear shoes and comfortable outfit – especially to resist the cold while you are flying.

You will be equipped with a harness, then you will be paired device that will connect you with pilots. After that, pilot will give a short brief before take off……and finally you will take off and airborne.

Starting your tandem flying, at the height of 1300 m above the sea level, you will fly above the take off area. Enjoying scenery of Gunung Mas tea plantation, feel the cold wind blowing. Experience a thrilling, exciting and unforgotable.